Sustainability Ecosystem

Sustainability still has varied definitions in our world. At Ilauri we aim to give the term clear focus and a concrete meaning. It is more than simply an aspiration or mission. It is our lifestyle. Aside from the objective to save our resources being sustainable on our estate implies practices that are used to ensure high quality in our wines, that keep vineyards healthy and productive over the long haul, minimizing negative environmental impacts, along with winery methods that conserve resources and reduce waste and pollution. At the same time, sustainability has to mean more: providing the right environment for us and our communities to live and maintain the family business and legacy for future generations.
Our commitment to a sustainable ecosystem focuses on Health, Efficiency, Waste and improving our Habitat:

Water Efficiency

No irrigation is ever used, reducing the waste of water and improving energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

We use exclusively 100% renewable energy sourced from local windfarms.

Pest Management

In our ecosystem, we seek first foremost the vine’s equilibrium in the management of our vineyards to minimize their susceptibility to insect and disease attack. Constant monitoring of the vines, the encouragement of biodiversity by removing broad-spectrum insecticide and herbicide use, the creation of wildlife habitats such as raptors or introducing beneficial nematodes to the soil.

Soil Health

We use vegetation between the rows to protect the structure and nutrition of our soil. We seek to ensure varied greenery around our vineyard where insects can live, breed and feed. As the greenery decays and decomposes over their natural lifecycle, it provides crucial nutrients for soil life.

Waste Management

Landfills are overflowing all over the world. One of our prime objectives is to minimize landfill use. Therefore, we have been utilizing recycling bins since 2007 for all waste at the winery. In addition, the skins and pips after fermentation are partially used as compost to enrich the soil. Fundamental is our use of lighter glass bottles to contribute to reduced levels of carbon footprint.

Community Building

We look closely at creating or enhancing our community by fixing town roads, promoting our region and encouraging tourism. We link ourselves closely with the school network from kindergarten to graduate schools, encouraging the love and passion for agriculture, our heritage, a sensible consumption of wine, and interaction with University research.

Employee Satisfaction

Our community starts at home and in our winery. We incentivize a healthy lifestyle for our workers, including providing incentives for a smoke free environment, English lessons, benchmarking trips and child care. Safety is also of great importance to our estate.