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Brut Rosè

Vino Spumante

Seductive and vibrant, this festive Pink Italian sparkle is produced exclusively in northeastern Italy with the ripest grapes. A symbol of pleasure, beauty and sumptuous parties, our sparkling rosé wine is born in select vineyards on steep hillsides bringing forth elegance and freshness.

Ilauri Brut Rosé is produced exclusively with Montepulciano grapes and fermented both times in stainless steel vats to preserve fruity and delicate fresh berry flavors. Best enjoyed when served chilled with trout mouse, seared scallops, fried calamari or blinis with crème fraiche and caviar.

Cod-fish stuffed Zeppole with tuna raspberry mayonnaise, seared yellow-fin tuna and pig-cheek bacon

Ristorante La Bandiera, Civitella Casanova