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Sangiovese Terre di Chieti


The finest Sangiovese grapes produce this classic Italian red every vintage. Salto’s name stems from one of the most beautiful rivers and lakes of central Italy, pride of Abruzzo.

Select vineyards on the Southern coast of Abruzzo with stony and calcareous soil are carefully managed to produce this classic wine. Following its temperature controlled vinification in stainless steel, the wine is aged for three months in large Slovenian oak barrels and ends its cycle with a short bottle rest. This vibrant red from Abruzzo displays a violet color and an intense bouquet of ripe red fruit, finely framed with spices. Ideal with cured meats, poultry and hearty stews.

Cappelletti pasta served with Ventricina-based Amatriciana Sauce

Ristorante La Bandiera, Civitella Casanova