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Zesty and stylish, Prosecco is the quintessential sparkling aperitif. This glamorous Italian sparkle is produced exclusively in the north east of Italy. The first written reference to Prosecco dates back to 1772. Select vineyards on steep hillsides are worked manually and bring forth the fragrant elegance and freshness that has always distinguished Prosecco.

Ilauri Prosecco is produced exclusively with Glera grapes and fermented both times in stainless steel vats to preserve its fruity and floral characteristics. Enjoyed with a wide range of different dishes, it best pairs with lightly grilled vegetables, smoked salmon or Asian delights such as spring rolls, steamed dumplings and chow mein.

Assorted appetizers including caramelised olives, fried pastry with prosciutto, spelt chips with parsley and anchovies

Ristorante La Bandiera, Civitella Casanova